Who We Are

Tobacco Free Alachua is a diverse community partnership that develops and promotes policies which reduce the use and effects of tobacco within Alachua County.

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What We Do

  • Protect Alachua County residents from the dangerous effects of tobacco
  • Educate community members on tobacco-related issues
  • Promote local services and resources
  • Strengthen community relationships
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Tobacco Free Alachua is always looking for new members of the community to join the partnership in being a part of the local initiatives taking place. We believe that community collaboration is key to solving tobacco related issues in Alachua County.

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Tobacco Free Alachua

Join Our Partnership Today!

If you are interested in being a part of the local efforts to reduce the negative impact that tobacco has on Alachua County residents, then join our partnership today!

With tobacco being the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S., more than ever community members are needed to band together to address the local tobacco issues and the vaping epidemic that is sweeping the nation. By joining Tobacco Free Alachua, not only will you learn about the current events surrounding tobacco use and policy, but you will be able to collaborate with other community members on strengthening strategies to decrease the impact of tobacco. Overall, you will be promoting a healthier environment and community.

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Current Initiatives

  1. Youth Prevention Decreasing youth uptake in tobacco / vape products is extremely important in preventing future generations from becoming addicted and facing health related issues.
  2. Smoke-Free Spaces Creating smoke-free spaces is critical in decreasing secondhand smoke exposure that has been proven to be deadly. This includes public spaces, worksites, housing etc.
  3. Cessation Linking residents to local quit resources paves the way for improved community health.
  4. Tobacco-Related Disparities Addressing disparities related to tobacco use through education and outreach can help decrease smoking rates in populations that are targeted by tobacco companies.

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Upcoming Events

30 November

Tobacco Free Alachua Quarterly Meeting

Join us for the Tobacco Free Alachua Quarterly Meeting on…

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